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Live Match | Sunday - 25 August 2019
8:00 PM Nimes Monaco
8:00 AM Man City Bournemouth
8:30 PM Frankfurt Leipzig
10:00 PM Espanyol Alaves
10:00 PM Rennes Strasbourg
10:00 PM Sociedad Mallorca
10:30 PM Newcastle Tottenham
10:30 PM Wolves Burnley
11:00 PM Wolfsburg Berlin
11:00 PM AC Milan Udinese
FT Real Madrid Valladolid 1 - 1
FT Metz Angers 0 - 3
FT Amiens Nates 1 - 2
FT Reims Brest 0 - 1
FT Bordeaux Dijon 2 - 0
FT Napoli Fiorentina 4 - 3
FT Getafe Bilbao 1 - 1
FT Valencia Celta 0 - 1
Match Result | Saturday - 24 August 2019
FT Arsenal Liverpool 1 - 3
FT Bayern Schalke 3 - 1
FT Eibar Osasuna 0 - 0
FT Juventus Parma 1 - 0
FT Sevilla Granada 1 - 0
FT Dortmund Koln 3 - 1
FT Everton Aston Villa 0 - 2
FT Villarreal Levante 1 - 2
FT Chelsea Norwich 3 - 2
FT Augsburg Union Berlin 1 - 1
FT Leverkusen Dusseldorf 3 - 1
FT Hoffenheim Bremen 3 - 2
FT Mainz Gladbach 1 - 3
FT Freiburg Paderbon 3 - 1
FT Man Utd Crystal 1 - 2
FT West Ham Watford 3 - 1
FT Leicester Sheffield 2 - 1

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